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Thrive Renewables are powering the transition to a sustainable energy future. By offering opportunities for people and businesses to invest in energy projects, they are making change happen. In partnership with Five Films, we worked with Thrive to develop an exciting new animation to help bring their story to life.

Animation is a fantastic tool for communicating complex information. The combination of carefully crafted visuals and audio can help audiences better understand and retain information. Recognising this, Thrive commissioned Yoke to bring their story to life through animation which featured as part of a longer video.

Yoke is a dedicated team who are passionate about renewable energy and were committed to interpreting some of the complex messaging through the illustration. Thank you for a great job, we’re really pleased with the attention to our brand, it looks superb on our website and across social media.

Rachel Glendinning Communications Manager, Thrive Renewables.

The team at Yoke really captured the Thrive Renewables brand and were able to visualise our story by working closely with us to understand our vision for the project.

Rachel Glendinning Communications Manager, Thrive Renewables.

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