The True Cost of American Food

Organised by the Sustainable Food Trust, The True Cost of American Food event brought together 100 global thought leaders in the food, farming and health sectors to examine the hidden costs of America’s unsustainable food system.

Held in San Francisco in April 2016 the event brought together a wide range of leaders and interested citizens to address one of the most critical barriers currently preventing sustainable food systems becoming mainstream – the failure to recognise the true costs of continuing to produce food in the current way.

As the SFT’s main creative partner, Yoke were tasked with creating a brand for the event and produce a suite of assets and images that could be used on all sorts of collateral to bring the event to life. We took on the challenge with gusto as the topics discussed are close to our hearts and hugely important if we are to move towards a sustainable future for an ever growing population.

The challenge

The conference was as much about solutions as talking about the issues so it was essential to create a brand and associated collateral that remained neutral in it’s tone.  The Sustainable Food Trust also wanted to capture some of the issues talked about in a simple yet effective landscape.  The issue itself is massively complex so condensing this down something that works in a visual form was a big challenge.

Our solution

We decided to focus the brand on the iconic Combine harvester and what that represented in terms of industrialised farming.  This symbol combined with the American flag and the stars and stripes made for a simple mix of elements that could be used across the board.  We created a suite of assets which were used for event banners, bags and programmes.  These elements all tied together to create a distinctive look and feel for the event.

We also designed and built the event website which had details of the event along with Bio’s from the multitude of speakers that were in attendance.  This was the main information portal leading up to the event as well as a space for broadcasting the speakers live as it happened.

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