The biomass sustainability story

Drax Group plc is playing a vital role in helping change the way energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future. Working in partnership with Five Films, we created animations to share the impact of their work.

Drax was once the largest coal fired power-station in the UK. In order to succeed in reaching the ambitious targets set out in the Climate Change Act, Drax started moving away from burning coal towards burning sustainable biomass.

With widespread concern over the sustainability of burning biomass, Environmental campaigner and sustainability advisor, Tony Juniper was brought in

to assist Drax in developing their sustainability plan and ensure that it truly was a positive move towards a lower carbon future.

To help explain how it all works, we created several animations as part of a 40 minute film featuring Tony Juniper. The animations assist in communicating some of the more complex information, allowing audiences to absorb it both visually and audibly.

The animation and film are being used to great effect on the Drax website here, by creating animated GIF’s from the animation it allows you to create an animated infographic style presentation, which can really help bring your data to life.

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