A movement finds it’s voice

When communities work together, the possibilities for positive change are endless. Community organising is the work of bringing people together to take action around their common concerns and overcome social injustice. Community Organisers needed a partner to help them define the future of their movement from the very foundations up. Taking insights from all areas of the organisation and it’s members, we co-created a dynamic new identity that has already fuelled a rise in engagement and membership.

Only 1 month in and we are already seeing the fabulous results of our rebrand. For a major overhaul of our brand and website, I am delighted to say that we have had only positive feedback.

Nick Gardham CEO Community Organisers

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Yoke team. They were highly responsive and always seeking to accommodate our changing requests! They quickly grasped the ethos of our organisation and were always suggesting creative ideas for our project.

Nick Gardham CEO Community Organisers

The heart of the movement

The centerpiece of the new re-brand is the new Community Organisers website. Heavily involving stakeholders and members from the project inception, we redesigned the website from the very ground up, changing the way the organisation interacts with it’s audience online. Existing members can find support and a sense of orientation on their organising journey, whilst new members can learn and understand the power and potential of this approach. We are already seeing a fantastic reduction in bounce rates and an increase in member sign-ups through the site.

The launch of the website meant that we could clearly articulate our offer.  This has meant we have received a significant number of new training enquiries strengthening our business model.

Nick Gardham CEO Community Organisers

A collaborative approach

Listening is at the heart of community organising, learning how to listen mindfully and consciously to others and to yourself. The more we learnt about organising the easier the decision became to open up the project and make it a truly collaborative journey with the members and embed listening at it’s very core. Community Organisers have an egalitarian structure which complimented this approach, one member one vote, so why not let members have a vote on how the organisation may look, sound and feel?

At key stages throughout the project we embarked on listening exercises with the wider membership. At some points this involved the Yoke team listening and learning, receiving training to become immersed and begin their own organising journeys. At others it meant sharing ideas, concepts and visuals to the broader membership asking for their personal input to help guide the direction of the creative. A beautiful thing happens to the creative process when you ask 150 vested, passionate individuals what hopes and dreams they have for the organisation and how we might best capture that energy in the new branding.

The final brand would not have been successful without this input, it enabled us to spend valuable time with the core of the organisation and truly understand what success for the project looks like from their perspective. The membership became empowered and connected to the project, and a sense of ownership was born with the big changes that lay ahead. The risk of the launch was also massively reduced as many were already exposed to how their organisation would look and feel.


With over 1000 members it was to be expected that there may be a few concerns but the way in which Yoke approached this project in an inclusive way engaging members in the process meant that people were brought on board throughout.

Nick Gardham CEO Community Organisers

The next steps

After very positive launch we are now acting to support Community Organisers as we now begin the all important first year of the re-brand. There is plenty to do to make sure that the internal transformation is a smooth as possible, and that the team feel confident and well orientated in how to use their new toolkit. We are working with the wider membership to make sure everybody has what they needs to communicate as effectively as possible.

The new website has proved a huge hit and solved many of the User Experience issues that the previous incarnation brought to it’s audience. There will be an ongoing process of improvement as we gain further feedback from the membership about how they want to see their site develop.

We feel truly privileged to be on this journey with the team.

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