Effective and engaging branding, design and animation, impacting change for the better.

Ageing Better

A positive view of ageing



What is sustainable investment?


Community Organisers

The book on community organising

Design - Illustration

European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education for Europe


Community Organisers

A movement finds it's voice


Unseen UK

Working towards a world without slavery

Communicating impact

The Whitehall & Industry Group

Telling WIGs story, bringing business, government and not-for-profits together


Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Communicating impact for a sustainable Bristol

Illustration / Design

Friends Provident Foundation

Re-branding for a fairer economy and better world

Branding / Website

Thrive Renewables

Animation powering change towards a sustainable energy future


The Whitehall & Industry Group

Animation bringing business, government and not-for-profits together

Animation / Motion Graphics

David Pilling

The Growth Delusion, wealth, poverty and the wellbeing of nations

Design / illustration

Labour Behind The Label

Design of a campaign booklet to support garment workers' rights

Illustration / Design

Drax energy solutions

Animations revealing the biomass sustainability story


The Whitgift Foundation

Animation telling the rich story of a 400 year old Charitable Foundation


Geneco - Sustainable Waste Solutions

Branding and animation for sustainability leaders

Branding / Design / Animation

Barnwood Trust

Branding and animation for an inclusive community

Branding / Design / Animation

NHS Art For Life

The art of branding for healing


Sustainable Food Trust

A brand for the True Cost of American Food event

Branding / Design / Animation

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