35 Years of connecting the sectors

The Whitehall & Industry Group(WIG) are a charity bringing business, government and the not-for-profit sector closer together, to learn from each other and co-create solutions. After a successful membership renewal campaign from 2018 WIG we worked with the team again to create an animation for this years campaign, but this time telling their origin story for their 35th anniversary.

The challange this year was to tell their rich history and foundational story whilst at the same time highlight their current and ongoing work to promote the benefits of joining. For 2019 we differentiated by adding a more illustraive look to the story through some well crafted character animation giving a human face to the organisation.

We worked with Yoke before and liked them so much, that we hired them again! For our second collaboration, they continued to wow us with their creativity, project management skills, patience and flexibility.

Tina Vifor Head of Marketing, The Whitehall & Industry Group

Their delivery is on point, their time keeping impeccable and the creative freshness they bring to each project is why we wanted them back on board! They are lovely people too, which always helps.

Tina Vifor Head of Marketing, The Whitehall & Industry Group

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