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Studio roundup 2018

2017 was an exciting year for us here at Yoke. We have had the pleasure of working with driven and passionate organisations, tackling varied issues close to our hearts. From renewable energy investment to fairness in the economy, we feel truly fortunate to be able to put all of our energy into causes we want to fight for.

Here is a catchup over the last few months with much more to read about in the relevant case studies.

A strong partnership with Friends Provident Foundation

After a competitive pitch, we won the fantastic opportunity to partner with Friends Provident Foundation for their re-brand. We worked very closely with the trustees during the ‘discovery’ phase of the project to get a clear focus on what the foundation stands for and how this fits into their audience’s world.

Take a look at the full case study to see the results.

Thrive Renewables

We started the year with an exciting new animation for renewable energy company Thrive Renewables, helping them to bring their story to life in an engaging animation.

Take a look at the full case study to see the results.

A new website for Barnwood

We’ve been working with our friends at Barnwood Trust for several years now, firstly to develop their online community, You’re Welcome and this year we’ve been working on the trust’s own website. Barnwood underwent a big re-brand this year and as part of it, they commissioned Yoke to design and build their website. Accessibility is incredibly important for their site as a large part of their target audience have mental or physical disabilities. We’re very proud of the level of accessibility we were able to achieve here.

Take a look here

Helping tackle fast fashion

We relished the opportunity to work with the campaign organisation Labour Behind the Label to design their ‘Fix Fashion’ brochure raise awareness of the true cost of fast fashion. A subject very close to our hearts, we really immersed ourselves in the project. It’s every studios dream to get to create protest graphics.

Take a look at the full case study to see the results.

It’s already a busy start to the year so keep checking back for new work, we get the feeling it’s going to be a great year already.

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