ByClaire Rosling

The Story of Stuff

Wonder where all our stuff comes from, why we have so much of it and why it finds its way into the bin so quickly?

The Story of Stuff project was created by Annie Leonard and delves into answering many questions about consumerism and how we have got to where we are in modern society.  The centre piece of the the project is a short presentation that gives you a visually entertaining informative overview of the history of consumerism and the forces behind it.  What we loved about this is that it presented the facts in such a accessible and entertaining way that you can’t fail to absorb the information and also feel motivated at the end of it.  Produced by Free Range studios the presentation involves sketchy hand drawn animations that exude charm and character.  Rather than blasting us with facts with a heavily stylised over produced aesthetic this animation makes important occasionally scary facts accessible and approachable.

Annie also tackles some other serious topics in other episodes, using the same format, “the Story of….”.  Much of it is based on American society, however is still very applicable to us over here, as we share many similarities with our friends across the water.

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