ByClaire Rosling
2 min read

A sunny home for your site and ours

Running your website doesn’t have to cost the earth.

How does having a website cost the earth I hear you ask yourself? Well it may not be up there with commuting to work in a jumbo jet but running a website does have an impact as do most human activities. The website is stored on a server which is always switched on and needs a reasonable amount of cooling to keep it running. This has an energy cost and thus an environmental cost if the electricity that this server uses comes from a source that has an environmental impact, such as a coal fired power plant.

However smart providers of server and web space are turning to the power of the sun to drive their server networks. One such provider is Solarhost based in the UK. They in turn get their webspace from AISO who are based in California.

Phil Nail CTO of AISO talks about solar hosting in this short video:

As cloud computing takes hold and we all send our data up into data centres in the sky questions need to be raised about how we power these massive data banks. The big players in the information age like Google are setting the bar high and is one of the companies who is really investing in solar. It announced a staggering $280 million investment in solar power recently, something that will resonate with other providers of server solutions like Amazon, who will hopefully see solar as a smart move.

Here at Yoke you can be sure that as you are reading our informative and insightful posts, our site is also powered by the sun. We proudly get our hosting from Solarhost here in the uk so are doing our bit and making sure our site is as green as can be. Online backup is important for our work to safeguard our clients work and our time. This being another server based service that is well catered for on the internet, however we have opted for SolarVaultSolarVault is another solution provided by those clever guys at AISO which was deemed green as well as cost effective.