ByAlister Wynn
2 min read

Happy 1st birthday to us!

It’s officially here…we’re 1 year old. I thought it would be a good opportunity to look back and share with you our adventures over the past year.

It’s been a fabulous year for us here at Yoke. We started from tentative beginnings with the fear of having to generate business by dreaded cold-calling but thankfully that was not to be! We have found that people have really connected with what we’re about and we have been busy working on all sorts of websites for all sorts of brilliant positive change projects around the world.

We’re currently working on projects that promote sustainability in the hotel industry, with The Considerate Hoteliers Association; that promote and produce compostable and bio-degradeable packaging, with London Bio Packaging; that encourage random acts of generosity, with Just Bee Generous; and encourage school children to engage in projects concerning environmental issues, with the TOTAL Green School Awards. Watch this space for these and more!

Past projects over the year that you can take a look at include those that encourage sustainability in the catering industry with The Sustainable Restaurant Association, engage and educate young people about social issues with Lime and encourage sustainability in the building industry with Various Monks. We’ve also had the opportunity to work on a couple of campaign sites to reduce waste in restaurants and the Olympics: Too Good To Waste and Zero Waste Events.

To add to that, we created our very own animation, A Nation Builder’s Toolkit, as a creative contribution for the public arts project Nowhereisland.

It’s been such a pleasure connecting with the people behind all of these projects and it has really opened our eyes to all of the great things happening around us.

I’m being handed a glass of champers as I write this so here’s a toast…to the success of all of the projects we’ve worked with and the countless other positive change projects going on around the world.

happy birthday to Yoke