ByJay Bigford
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Off to a flying start

With the dappled sunlight breaking through into the studio, it feels like spring is on it’s way here in Bristol. A good time to take a breath, pour a cuppa and share the great things that have happened already this year.

Firstly, some great new business news. We have just been commissioned to design and develop a new website for the Barnwood Trust as part of their exciting brand redevelopment, following on from the success of the You’re Welcome website and ongoing partnership with the Trust. You’re Welcome has provided us with a deep understanding of community in Gloucestershire and of the Trust itself, and we can’t wait to get started on the new site.

On another note, we are proud to share our new showreel with you, giving you a quick tour of some of our latest design, interactive and animation work.


Keeping with the motion theme, we are proud to share a new animated film for The Whitgift Foundation, to help tell their story and communicate their fantastic work in the Croydon community:


Archbishop John Whitgift set up the foundation over 400 years ago to provide both education for the young and care for the elderly in the Borough of Croydon, through three outstanding independent schools and three care homes for the elderly, as well as support and training to carers in Croydon. The animation tells the story in a fun and engaging way that is accessible to all and raises awareness of the Foundation’s charitable values.


Finally, the new Transition Network website is now live that we proudly designed and developed. Transition is a movement that helps communities around the world come together to reimagine and rebuild our world through a process of creating healthy human culture. One of the illustrations we lovingly created for the site can be seen above.

It’s a movement that anyone and everyone can join, and we had this at the forefront of our minds when beginning the work. As with all our website projects, we took a human-centred approach and put the audience at the heart of it. Users can now download resources to help them start a Transition movement in their community, whatever it may be. It is currently in Spanish and French as well as English, and will soon be rolled out to other languages, making it accessible to readers all over the world.

The network and website show just how much can be achieved when communities come together and promote a low impact way of living – fitting with our values here at Yoke.

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